Open Hexagon – Update 1.4 Released!

Open Hexagon 1.4 released!

Formatted readme:

This update focuses mainly on bug fixes and LUA improvements.
Debug log now only displays in debug mode.
LUA files should not crash the game anymore.
LUA can now get keyboard input and execute functions every frame.
Removed the pseudo-3D effects.
Difficulty multiplier calculations are slightly changed – it may be more effective now.

Download at:
Official page:

(thanks to Benjojo for hosting!)

Have fun!

-Changed: LUA file execution errors do not crash the game anymore – they display an error in the console and kill the player
-Changed: LUA runtime execution errors do not crash the game anymore – they display an error in the console and try continuing the game
-Removed: scripted events from default levels (the flow isn’t interrupted anymore)
-Removed: experimental pseudo-3D effects
-Fixed: index calculation bug in default pattern LUA files (thanks Sean Pek!)
-Fixed: level rotation always in the same direction
-Fixed: getPerfectDelay() not returning the correct values
-Added: LUA REQUIRED level function onUpdate(mFrameTime), which is called every frame
-Added: LUA isKeyPressed(mKey) command, as requested – it returns true if mKey is pressed
-Changed: logging is only enabled in debug mode, which can be set in config.json or by using the debug.bat file, which loads the debug config override

Sorry if there are any last-minute bugs. Please report them and I’ll fix as soon as possible!

  1. Everyone said:

    It’s Lua, not LUA.

    It’s Portuguese for ‘moon’, and not an acronym or initialism.

    Get it right you fucking moron.

  2. Anonymous said:

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