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Official page:

Fixed: input being registered when the game was not in focus.
Added: config overrides. (JSON files that override certain config parameters)
Added: .bat files for WINDOWED and FULLSCREEN modes.
Changed: JSON name members for windowed/fullscreen config parameters.
Fixed: sudden side number changing bug. (now it waits until all the obstacles are removed)
Fixed: impossible pattern bug.
Added: another tutorial level.
Added: new style. (zen2)


Open Hexagon is my first completed game.
It’s a fast paced fun clone of Super Hexagon (by Terry Canavagh).

The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, by avoiding the walls closing in towards the center.
You are the little triangle, and can rotate by using the left/right arrow keys.

The soundtrack is made by BOSSFIGHT.

The game is completely customizable: you can create and share levels/patterns/styles/music.
Everything can be modified and created with your favorite text editor, thanks to the simple JSON language.